A wide range of approaches have been developed, tested and refined. Despite the challenges, remote education has made a significant contribution to enabling students to continue to learn and progress. Where a class, group or small number of pupils need to self-isolate our school has the capacity to offer immediate remote education through Satchel One and Zoom.  

Throughout these challenging times, it is vitally important that our school continues to improve the quality of our remote education provision. As we all get used to the new normal, remote teaching has become an embedded part of our daily lives here at Frederick Gent School. Our challenge is to deliver a coherent curriculum to pupils at home and in school, providing both high quality, innovative online and offline resources. Our experienced staff are now used to working in a different way, using technology and creative teaching techniques to ensure continuity of education for all our learners. 

Remote Education for Families 

Satchel One help guides including how to message teachers, access your work and submit homework. 

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