Dear Parents/Carers of Year 8 students,

We will attend school during the summer term to vaccinate Year 8 students with the HPV Human Papilloma Vaccine.  Students receive their 1st HPV vaccination in Year 8 and their 2nd HPV vaccination in Year 9; we use the same consent form for their 1st and 2nd doses of the HPV vaccination.

Please visit to complete the consent form.  The option to consent or decline the vaccination is at the end of the questionnaire so please complete this even if you do not want your child to have the vaccination.

Your unique school code for Frederick Gent School is DD145109

For more information about the vaccination and the date we are due into your school please visit our website:

If you experience any problems, please contact the School Age Immunisation Team.

Repton: 01283 707178

Clay Cross: 01246 252953