Our commitment is to a quality curriculum, delivered with care to instil an expectation of success and a compulsion to learn.  

An ambitious and exciting curriculum.

The vision for our curriculum is to foster a culture of curiosity. There will be a compulsion to know and understand, which will be met through the delivery of fundamental knowledge. There will also be a desire to be able to do, driven by a curriculum which develops skills. Finally, there will be a thirst for new experiences which will allow us to discover and nurture the creativity, talents and unique personal qualities that our students’ possess.  

Through engendering these things our curriculum offer will provide a rich and enjoyable school experience whilst also establishing a commitment to lifelong learning. This will broaden our student’s horizons and maximise their potential. It will be a curriculum which prepares them for a life without limitations, both today and tomorrow in what is an ever-changing world. 

This vision is enacted through our use of highly-trained and committed staff delivering carefully considered and regularly reviewed curriculum plans. 

A caring community, with students at the heart of what we do.   

There is a clear message at Frederick Gent School that we are ‘in it together’. Everyone is there to support and be supported by each other. A fundamental value at the school is ‘care’. We expect all of our school community to care about themselves by committing to and investing in their own growth and development. We also expect everyone to care about each other by supporting and celebrating the successes of the whole school community. Finally, there is an expectation that our caring ethos extends beyond the immediate school community to local, national and even international issues. Something that is regularly represented by the charitable work done by staff and students at the school. 

Working with families. 

The message that we are ‘in it together’ extends to our works with families. Young people need consistency to provide certainty and stability. Therefore, the way we work together – school and home – is so important. We will always be approachable and will do all we can to support your child in every way. In return, we ask that you trust our judgments as staff and support our work as a school to help our young people get into healthy learning habits and routines. Education should never be seen as something “done to” but rather as something which is “done with” a family. We all want the same thing for our young people, that is for them to be happy and successful. Working together is the essential ingredient in achieving this shared aim.  

What our families and young people say:  

“Thanks for all the hard work that the teachers at FGS have put in to my daughter’s time in school. They have taught her well over the year and helped set her up for her future.” 

“The teachers at FGS are super supportive and push you to achieve. The school is a great school to learn within.” 

“A great school with great staff! The school provides continued support and excellent communication to its students and parents. The school is definitely doing something right!”