Every Day Counts  

At Frederick Gent School we know that good attendance is crucial to the future educational success of our students. Nationally, good attendance is defined as school attendance above 96% and students who fall below this level will not be able to fulfil their education potential. It is our mission to ensure that every student has access to a high quality education and the opportunity to engage positively with the school. It is important to us that all students are able to enjoy a feeling of belonging to their class and school community. Good attendance can only promote this. 

Every family has a legal responsibility to ensure their child gets a full-time education. Families are required by law to ensure their child attends school regularly and is punctual to school. 

How can families help? 

  • Ensure that their child attends school every day.  
  • Ensure that their child arrives to school on time. Students must be on site by 8.25am 
  • Contact your child’s Achievement Leader Support Assistant on 01773 811737 by 8.30am on every day of absence stating the reason.  
  • Medical appointments should be made outside school hours. Students will be asked to show appointment cards for appointments taken during the school day.  
  • Ensure that holidays are not taken during term time.  
  • Seek help from school if requiring assistance in improving a child’s attendance or punctuality. 
  • Support the school and the pastoral team in improving their child’s attendance and punctuality levels by attending meetings and engaging with agencies. 
  • Have a regular early bed time, have quiet time before bed, turn off the TV, computer, tablets and mobile phones. 
  • Give them their own alarm clock. 
  • Have their bag, equipment, planner and uniform ready the night before. 
  • To provide up to date contact details and telephone numbers for every adult with parental responsibility. If the details change then the school must be informed as soon as possible. 

In the event that your child is absent and we have not been notified the school will make contact via telephone or via home visit. 

Parents can be prosecuted for failing to ensure satisfactory attendance to school. To learn more, please see the following guidance from Derbyshire Country Council: 

Derby County Council Attendance Guide

The school aims to achieve good attendance by operating an attendance policy, which enables governors, staff, students, families and the Education Welfare Service (EWS) to work in partnership.  The school will monitor attendance and ensure quick and early intervention if a problem is identified. 

Requests for Leave of Absence in Term Time 

Families must obtain permission from the Headteacher to take their child out of school during term time.  This should be done by completing a request for leave of absence from school form. Please note, permission will only be granted in exceptional circumstances.  

Request For Leave Of Absence

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