Homework is important as it helps students to consolidate their learning. At Fredrick Gent School homework is set once per week in all subjects. Typically for each year, homework tasks should take up to the following time to complete:  

Year 7: 30 minutes  

Year 8 : 30 minutes 

Year 9: 45 minutes 

Year 10: 60 minutes 

Year 11: 60 minutes 

Homework set will be one of two types:   

  • Homework to prepare for tests or other formative assessment. Successful completion of this type of homework task will be seen in test results.   This type of homework may take longer than usual depending on the amount to be learned. 
  • Traditional homework – for example, worksheets, research etc.  Successful completion will be seen in feedback from class teachers.  

All homework set will be on Satchelone. This allows teachers, students and families to keep track of homework set and expected deadlines. When appropriate, attachments and/or guidance will also be provided. Students are asked to keep a daily check on Satchelone, in order for them to organise their work outside of school.  

Detentions will be set for non-completion or a very poor attempt of homework, these will be set by the class teacher.