What is Revision and Why is it Important? 

According to the Collins English dictionary revision means to ‘read things again’.  

Revision will help you to remember key facts, figures, topics and methods which you have covered throughout your course. It will also help you to increase your confidence and reduce anxiety as you will be well prepared for your examinations.  

There has been lots of research into effective ways of revising and the staff at Frederick Gent will help you find a range of revision strategies which will work for you and the subject you are revising. For revision to be at its most effective you need to do it regularly and return to work you have completed throughout your time at school. 

Families can support revision by encouraging the student to revise, talking to them about their topics and the strategies which they are using, finding them a quiet space to work and by testing them on the topics they have covered. 

Some strategies you may want to try include: 

  • Knowledge Organiser 
  • Revision Clocks 
  • Flash cards 
  • Mind maps 
  • Memory pegs 
  • Text to pictures
  • Red pen, black pen 
  • Mnemonics