Central to the first-class offering we seek to provide at Frederick Gent is the belief that education extends far beyond the classroom experience. 

We ensure this by giving our students a varied programme of enrichment activities, which help them to develop their existing talent whilst also offering fresh and new experiences to ignite new passions and foster the development of undiscovered skills. ‘Through all of this, as well as through their core studies, students will grow intellectually, personally, and socially, becoming well-rounded young adults ready to take their place in the world. 

We are always looking to develop our enrichment activities to ensure that they are relevant and engaging.  Examples of what Frederick Gent have offered previously include: 

  • Sports clubs and teams
  • Science clubs 
  • Dance teams 
  • Visits to France and Germany 
  • Camp 
  • Visits to the Battlefields 
  • Musical and performance events  
  • Opportunities to learn musical instruments  
  • Student council 
  • Sports leaders  
  • Prefects 

We also encourage our students to develop a sense of social awareness, compassion and responsibility and to actively make a positive difference.  Each year students plan, run and take part in charity events to raise money for the students’ nominated charities.  In the past, these events have included: 

  • Bake offs 
  • Non-uniform events 
  • Bake sales 
  • Children in need 

Below is a list of our sporting fixtures and sporting clubs for 23-24:

Fixtures 2023 24

Extra-Curriculum Clubs

PE/Dance Clubs Term 4