At Frederick Gent School we believe that we offer a high quality and robust Careers, Educations, Information, Advice & Guidance (CEIAG) Programme that is  student centred that is responsive to the needs of all our students as they progress through their learning experiences. 

Our Careers Programme aims to: 

  • Develop a student’s awareness of themselves in relation to their interests and values and understand how these relates to jobs. 
  • Increase a student’s awareness of the wide range careers available to them. 
  • Support students as they explore career opportunities which including those in the emerging and green industries. 
  • Support pupils as the transition through each key stage into their Post-16 and beyond. 

At Frederick Gent we use a ‘student-centred’ approach to the delivery of our Careers Programme, this ensures we provide a quality and inclusive programme. 

Our objective is to ensure that we: 

  1. Raise the aspirations of each student about themselves and the opportunities available to them. 
  1. Provide opportunities for student to engage with employers through World of Work experiences in person or virtually that enables them to develop their employability skills. 
  1. Provide up to date and accurate Labour Market Information (LMI) that is easily accessible to all pupils regardless of the levels of ability. 
  1. Equip students with the skills necessary to make well informed realistic decisions about their Post-16 options and opportunities that is unique to them. 

Our students can access relevant and up to date careers information from a variety of sources.  Students also have access to their own online career plan through Unifrog.  This enables students to develop their plans for the further through a series of online tools and activities.  All students have the opportunity to be involved through: 

  • Careers Assemblies 
  • National Careers and Apprenticeship Weeks 
  • College Visits 
  • University Visits 
  • Work Experience in person or virtually 
  • Careers Days  

A Good Quality Careers Programme – The Gatsby Benchmark 

Our Careers Programme is delivered within the framework of the Eight Gatsby Benchmark for a ‘good careers guidance’ that ensures we as a school provide pupils with the best possible Careers Education, Information, Advice & Guidance. 

Governor Link Careers – Jansen Bunker

Jansen meets with the Careers Team on a quarterly to discuss and review all aspect of the Careers Programme in order to share with LGB. 

Frederick Gent Careers Leader: Gemma Smith 

Two Counties Trust Careers Advisor: Liz Bates

For more information on careers from the Two Counties Trust, please visit the following link:

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