Curriculum Intent Summary

Our humanities curriculum intends to provide students with a comprehensive and detailed understanding of different societies through the study of key historical events, varied geographical locations and a breadth of cultural and religious backgrounds.  Our curriculum will produce well-educated and well-rounded global citizens ready to take their place in the world of work and in society. 

Please find below a link to a Humanities Video. The video is to share with you what students will be learning over the Spring Term.

Humanities (Year 7) 

Geography  History  Religious Studies 
1. Investigating our place in the world  1. Thematic study of water  1. Parables 
2. The Sahara Desert  2. The Normans  2. Ultimate questions 
3. Urbanisation and uneven development  3. Trouble in medieval England  3. Buddhism 
4. Rainforests  4. The Tudors  4. Christianity and love 
5. Climate change  5. Elizabeth  5. Key questions in RS 
6. Fieldwork   6. The Stuarts  6. Enquiry based RS 

Humanities (Year 8) 

Geography  History  Religious Studies 
1. Globalisation  1. Empire and slavery  1. Judaism 
2. Tectonic hazards  2. Industrial revolution and democracy  2.Christianity 
3. Rivers and flooding  3. World War 1  3. Key questions in RS 
3. Glaciation  4. Interwar  4. Christianity 
5. Coasts  5. World War 2  5. Islam 
6. Fieldwork  6. USA  6. Sikhism 


Humanities Core (Year 9) 


Geography  History  Religious Studies   
1. Russia and China  1. The Holocaust  1. Animal and human ethics   
2. China and the Middle East  2. Post World War Two  2. Peace and justice   








Humanities GCSE (Year 9) 

Geography  History    Travel and Tourism 
1. Natural disasters – plate tectonics  1. Medicine in Britain c1250-present    1. Organisations and destinations 
2. Natural disasters – earthquakes  2. Medicine in Britain c1250-present    2. Travel and Tourism Organisation 
3. Weather hazards  3. Medicine in Britain c1250-present    3. Travel and Tourism Destinations 
4. Climate change  4. Medicine in Britain c1250-present    4.  The influences of global tourism 
5. The changing economic world – development  5. Historical Environment    5. Sustainable Tourism 
6. The changing economic world – including a case study of a newly emerging economy  6. Anglo-Saxons and Norman England, c1060-88.    6. Customer needs in Travel and Tourism 







Humanities (Year 10) 

Geography  History 
1. The challenge of resource management, including water  1. Anglo-Saxons and Norman England, c1060-88. 
2. Physical landscapes coasts  2. Anglo-Saxons and Norman England, c1060-88. 
3. Urban issues and challenges   3.  Anglo-Saxons and Norman England, c1060-88. 
4. Coasts   4. Weimar and Nazi Germany 1918-39 
5. Physical fieldwork and investigation including a fieldtrip to the Easy Yorkshire Coast.  5. Weimar and Nazi Germany 1918-39 
6. Human fieldwork and investigation including a fieldtrip to a major UK city.  6. Weimar and Nazi Germany 1918-39 


Travel and Tourism 
1.  Influences in global travel and tourism. 
2. Impacts of tourism 
3. Sustainably managing tourism 
4.  Stages of tourism development 
5.  Destination management and tourism. 
6.  Travel and tourism organisations and destinations 

Humanities (Year 11) 

Geography  History 
1. Rivers  1. The American West, c 1835-c1895 
2. The living world – ecosystems and rainforests  2. The American West, c 1835-c1895 
3. The living world – deserts  3. The American West, c 1835-c1895 
4. Prepare for Paper 3 using pre- release materials, and revision especially skills.  4. Revision  
5. Prepare students with pre-release materials + revision  5. Revision  

(The plan for current year 10.) 

Travel and Tourism 
1. Using market research to meet customer needs 

2.  Meeting customer needs – planning a holiday 

3.  Revision 

4.  Influences in global travel and tourism 
4.Customer needs in travel and tourism