At Frederick Gent School, we know that reading is fundamental to a successful education as well as a crucial life skill. Our library is situated in the heart of the school and is run by our Library Manager. The shelves are well stocked with 12,000+ of fiction and non-fiction books. Recently, within the Two Counties Trust family, the school spent over £5,700 on Trust Reads -quality fiction books carefully selected by Librarians, English teachers and Literacy Coordinators- to enhance the reading experience of all years. There are reading challenge booklets for all years to encourage reading all genres of fiction. Students are able to recommend titles for new books, which we are then happy to purchase; this year, we spent over £2,000 on student recommendations.

The library also runs many competitions for students throughout the school year. Our displays are topical and up to date. We have a full suite of computers and Ipads for use in and out of lessons. Our opening times are 8am- 3.30pm.

All students in year 7,8 and 9 sit a New Group Reading Test periodically throughout the year to assess their reading ages and highlight where target support can be offered.

The expectation is that students read 20 minutes a day individually to ensure reading competence for their examinations. If you have any concerns about your child’s reading or literacy, please contact the Library Manager.


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