Today we have had our prize draw for students who deserve recognition for their hard work this term. The winning students were given a prize from under the tree.
The winners are:
Blake Featherstone 7G
Natalia Prusik 7G
Ami Freeman 7G
Imogen Ballard 7G
Harry Heath 7G
Darci Monk 7G
Kai James 7F
Brandon Sivers 7F
Maison Usher 7F
Gracie Parker 7F
Rylee Chirms 7F
Layla Whyman 7N
Blake Watson 7N
Levi Forbes 7N
Ben South 7R
Logan Holmes 7R
Jenson Chambers 7E
Maizie Gartland 7T
Liam Morris 8E
Marley Joe Athersych 8E
Rylee Smith 8F
Dylan Sadler 8R
Thomas Jackson 8T
Jan Pavlisin 8F